Mission Statement
The Potter’s Ministry is a non-denominational Christ-centered Mission with the purpose of enabling the Church to fulfilling His call to the Great Commission, while demonstrating God’s Love and Mercy to those that are perishing as well as those who are being born of the Spirit.

  • The Ministry’s objectives are:
    • Encourage, prepare, and assist families/individuals that recognize the call to missions
    • Teach the general Church populace about the Great Commission
    • Encourage and assist field resident missionaries
    • Evangelize, show mercy to and teach those spiritually lost, poor, and the oppressed


  • Resources:
    • local mission teams
    • local outreach programs
    • International outreaches
    • enlightened individuals


  • Clients:
    • lost, poor and the oppressed
    • families and individuals
    • general Church populace
    • field resident missionaries